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INFINITY Remanufacturing Group

About us

INFINITY Remanufacturing Group is a company located in Denmark,
and represents several different well-established remanufacturing units throughout

The companies remanufacturing units for INFINITY all started within the automotive
industry, working with mechanical, hydraulic, electric and electronic products for a
wide range of cars, tractors and trucks. Besides remanufacturing experiences, these
units also master thermal treatment services, chemical and electrochemical plating
solutions, plastic deformation and other remanufacturing relevant activities.

“The employees of INFINITY have operated within remanufacturing industry since 1992,
and our range of competences covers the full value chain from raw materials to sales
and the return flow of defect units.”

Remanufacturing and the Circular Economy

Within the Circular Economy value recovery cycles, products can be reused, repaired,
remanufactured or recycled.

The Circular Economy model applied to Remanufacturing aims to reuse end-of-life
products and components as resources, for making good as new, or upgraded products.

Remanufacturing is a well-defined industrial process

The industrial process consists of restoring a worn-out component or product
(broken, at end-of-life, obsolete or waste), to a product with equal or higher
performance, quality and warranty as a new product.

Benefits for the value chain

Customers are looking for cents. Customers can significantly reduce the service
costs of running their equipment. By buying components from end-of-life products,
they tap into the savings of energy and raw material costs, enabling them to buy
high quality product at fair prices.

Remanufacturing create new ranges of products for the after sales service.

This service can be for the entire ‘life’ of the product – even after the manufactures
has stopped producing the product as new. Remanufacturing can create new
revenues, or optimize profit on warranties, damaged goods or obsolete stock items,
by letting them enter the value chain of circular economy.

Be better prepared for future legislation environmental requirements and taxes
which is bound to come - this sets the company on a pro-active direction for

Remanufacturing is optimal for mixing both small and large production
batches, providing a good logistical supply rates to the end customers in
need of aftermarket products. The re-engineering teams have acquired a
better user experience from the returned products, which benefits the life
expectancy of the whole remanufactured product portfolio.

The customers tend to be more loyal customers, if they can be satisfied in
getting the right product at the right price at the right time. INFINITY’s
business model for remanufacturing offers these important traits, by combining
the industry’s competences in a mix that secure optimal benefits in all aspects
of the value chain.

Remanufacturing offers customers access to eco products and services
that are ‘greener’ than the current products. Reducing the environmental
impact like green-house gas emissions, toxic air pollutants and waste is
being more valued by the customers year by year.